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Focus on a funder: ANZ Staff Foundation

Without the generous funding we receive from trusts, grants, and businesses, many of our Living Well activities and education would not be available. In this section we say THANK YOU to the special organisations that allow us to help people with dementia to stay active and engaged in our community.

ANZ logo


Educators Emma and Sheena
leading a CST group

ANZ has a brilliant scheme where the organisation matches their staff payroll giving, with the ANZ contributions going to their charitable trust, the ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation. Since inception in 2000, the ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation has distributed over $4 million in community grants to over 550 charities and community projects nationwide.

Last year, the ANZ Staff Foundation donated $10,000 towards our education programme – helping people affected by dementia to get more information about the practical and emotional implications of dementia, at diagnosis and as the condition progresses.

All Dementia Wellington workshops and seminars are a combination of information sharing and discussion, allowing attendees to ask questions about the challenges they are currently facing and also to meet others in similar situations.

“I attended the session today with Emma as the facilitator. I wanted to let you know that Emma was an inspiration. I came away feeling very positive about being able to face many of my present challenges. I particularly was impressed with the way in which Emma remembered a great deal of what people said and was then able to use it in her delivery.”  – VF Aug 2018

Thank you ANZ Staff Foundation for being a fantastic funder!

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